Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Welcome to the new Grow Culture Blog. This site is all things small farms, good food, cut flowers and natural fiber. I believe those who choose to follow this blog will find a diversity of opinions, ideas, characters and experiences that will enrich their lives, transform how they eat, shop and interact with others. I believe the Future is small and thus my topics will often dwell on the individual, challenge the corporate model and try to bring things back to a community level. I hope to be a little revolutionary, grounded in wisdom, and based on real, hands-on, brick and mortar experience. I expect to be contradictory, out of the box and not easily pigeon holed.

 I will try to update this weekly, maybe more but not less. So please, keep coming back, provide comments and make suggestions. I am open, though a little stubborn from time to time, and I encourage my readers and visitors to challenge me. I ask that those challenges be respectful and based on real information. I believe in the freedom of speech as a core principle that makes our country great, though I will not have abstract political debates with anyone. Ultimately, this is my space and my opinion rules here.

With all of that said please let me welcome you and invite you to visit often. Thanks for visiting and thank you for your time!

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