Thursday, April 15, 2021

Windy River Farm Experience

Third Step- Applying compost

                                                      Composted chicken manure applied at the rate of 3yards per acre. 

                                                                 Composted horse manure and green waste applied at 9 yards per acre.
Following the cleanup and leveling of the planting plot which included initial ripping of the hard clay soil (See previous posts) I moved on to improving soil quality and preparing the plot for planting. The third Step in my process is the application of compost. I applied a total of four yards of compost to my 15000 square foot planting area. The compost was made up of 1 yard of composted chicken manure and 3 yards of composted horse manure and green waste. This will increase Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium available for crops as well as increase organic matter in the soil. Composting also improves carbon sequestration by putting carbon directly back into the soil. 

I do not practice no-till farming, however, I believe in minimal tillage. I will follow this process ending with the creation of 30" beds that will be semi permanent only being tilled under once every couple of years. I will continue to add compost and work the top two or three inched of the beds to ensure that plants have an easy establishment period and to control weeds. 

First Pass with rototiller following compost application
                                            10,000 square feet have been rototilled

Following the application of 4 yards of compost I rototilled the site using my trusty 5 horsepower Yard Machines rear tine  walk behind rototiller recently tuned up by the Lawn Mower Shop in Corona who I highly recommend for their quality customer service. This process allows me to work the soil and introduce and mix compost into the top 6-8 inches of soil. It also creates a soft, workable seed bed and transplant space. This activity completes the third step in my process of creating a successful and vibrant small farm plot. 


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